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Investing for Canadians 101 – Part 2- Canada’s Tax System

So in part 1 we talked about why you should invest and basic finance concepts. In this part we will cover the basics of Canada’s tax system from an investing perspective. Canada’s Tax System Before we get into the details let’s hit a few important points: The information presented here may change at any time however this is the…

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chart showing investing returns and trends

Investing for Canadians 101 – Part 1- Why bother?

I initially thought I can cover the topic of investing in one blog post and yet here I am 4000 words and one week later I’m not even close to being done. Therefore I decided to break this topic down into a blog post series and this will be the first post in the series. Before…

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Canadian Credit Card guide – What you need to know – part 1

The previous post discussed Credit in general, credit score, and credit history. This post is going to get into the details of Credit cards, where to apply, what type of credit card is best, and especially talk about people on Work permit or who have a social Insurance number starting with 9. While the advice in…

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Credit Cards, Credit Score, Credit History and Credit Bureaus in Canada – Sharkhacks credit FAQ

“Sorry Sir!  It looks like you have been declined for a credit card. You might want to call them and check why you have been rejected. Have a nice day!” I could not believe it! It was my 3rd or 4th time applying for a credit card in Toronto. The cashier made others wait in…

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How to get Health and Medical Care in Toronto – Sharkhacks guide to Canada’s Health Care System

If you follow my blog then you probably know I have had my trouble with Canada’s health care system in the past. With that said I still think we have a decent health care system here. First let’s start by stating that Canada has a publicly funded, private provided, health care system.  What this means is that you…

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